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To all our dear patients,


We are excited to announce our merger with Sovereign Medical Group, a premier multi-specialty group that is rapidly growing in this area, who has for decades operated SurgiCare of Oradell and 12 other outstanding ambulatory Surgical Centers in the area—for those interested please see :



Together we will be able to build on our2½ year experience in the Medicare Innovation project called the Comprehensive Primary Care Initiative, and pioneer this enhanced primary care model for the whole group.   We thank everyone for filling out the surveys !  


We are particularly excited to be joining most of the insurance and healthplans, allowing more of our patient and their families to continue their care with us, at lower costs.


We are additionally very, very excited to work with a new computer system that will allow to us expand on our already comprehensive care &– cut back on waiting times!


Together, we will continue our traditional service to our patients—and offer a number of enhancements. For Instance:


ColoGuard, a new and easy to do at-home-stool-test to screen for colon cancer, that has found as many as 92% of colon cancers by finding the DNA cancers shed into the stool, and is now approved by Medicare and available from our office.  There is no special preparation, diet, or medication change needed, and it takes less than a minute.   As 1/3 of Americans have gotten screened we have decreased the rate of colon cancer death by nearly 10% !


We are streamlining our screening for colon cancer services—colonoscopy and other testing, such as the above ColoGuard, are offered nationwide without deductible and copay expenses.


We are expanding our Annual Medicare Wellness Visits—we will engage all our patients to benefit from the 16 test and services Medicare offers free of deductibles and co-pays, and enhance our ability to track their health concerns and needs at lower costs. 


With Warmest Regards,


                                                         AlexanderBiener, MD and staff