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Joining a Medical Society
2009 BergenCounty Society
2009 Prescription savings
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MSNJ: The Medical Society of New Jersey is the oldest medical society in the USA. Founded in 1766, the society to this day continues to represent the needs of physicians and patients in this state.


BCMS: The Bergen County Medical Society is the largest of its 21 chapters.




In the words of John Poole, a most articulate trustee who has held many local and state offices:

“No matter what specialty you are in, whether you’re in network, out of network, employed, or in private practice, full time or part time, brand new or about ready to retire, the state society together with the local county chapters have striven to protect medicine, doctors and patients, and have managed to put money in your pockets - enough to cover your dues many times over. Union members across the nation have 1.5% of their salary deducted as dues. Physicians need to understand that contributing similar amounts will not only greatly enhance the power of their societies, but directly improve their own and their patients' lives."


The reality is that no matter which party is in power, there will be more and more insurance and government intrusion into the doctor-patient relationship.Without organized medicine such as a state society and local chapters, there is no other organization ready and able to stem the tide of the onslaught of new and often dangerous regulations, legislations, and insurance mandates.The society, which represents medicine in general, is also best prepared to battle the trial lawyers, manage care companies, and the many others that are ready to take advantage of our altruism.


Some doctors prefer to join only their specialty societies; too often these will not have the power and visibility of the MSNJ, or may at times seem too self-serving, or even be pitting themselves against another specialty society, allowing politicians to ignore them.


In the last several years, MSNJ was instrumental in:

  • Passing the assignment of benefits bill, forcing insurance companies to mail the check to doctors instead of patients.

  • Stopping an out-of-network bill that would have criminalized the waiver of a patient’s co-pay or balance billing. 

  • Stopping managed care companies from unfairly tiering or physician ranking.

  • Stopping regulations allowing nurse anesthetists to practice independently of anesthesiologists.

  • Opposing a bill up for voting soon that will allow psychologists to prescribe psychotropic drugs

  • Promoting passage of a bill allowing doctors to refer patients to an ambulatory surgery center in which they have an ownership interest.

  • Forcing managed care companies to stop withholding future payments based on arbitrary denial of past treatments.

  • Participating in class action lawsuits that forced managed care companies to revise their payment methods, and pay $300,000,000 back.

  • Convincing legislators multiple times to abandon expanding wrongful death legislation.

  • Working with the AMA and congress to rescind the medicare cuts and the SGR formula.