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Electronic Health Records (EHR)


Generally speaking, a fully functional Electronic Health Record system has the following components:

1.   Certified to accomplish "Meaninful Use" as defined by Medicare/Medicaid, allowing the submitting physicians to collect on stimulus money in 2011-2014 of up to $44,000 for Medicare, $64,000 for Medicaid.

2.   Electronic Medical Record (EMR): allows entry of specific information that can then be, easily reported to the government as part of "Meaningful use" while keeping your patient's charts in electronic form, and allowing key demographic and chart information to be exported to  and imported from, other EMR systems.

3.   Web enabled access for patients of their records: now a mandatory part of Meaningful use.

4.  Practice Management (PM) software:  tracks diagnostic and procedure codes, allowing you to bill electronically, and receive reimbursement information from carriers, write reports analysing your practice, and prepare tax information.


Physicians, paraprofessionals, and clerical staff input data by keyboard entry and a graphical user interface, and typing, dictating, or voice dictation (usually Dragon Naturally speaking).   

Data is stored ONSITE in a physicians office or clinic, usually on a server, or OFFSITE, in a  remote secure and cooled facility, using a web-based link, minimizing the hardware needed in the doctor's office.  ONSITE the physician is responsible for maintaining the equipment, upgrading and providing security and daily and weekly backups.  OFFSITE, these functions are performed for you by a service provider or vendor, who may also warehouse your data, keeping it safe and secure, usually costing &10-100/month. for those I have spoken to, offsite appears a viable and stable option in areas where internet service is stable, however, depending on your contract, the company may own your data.

Certain laboratories have offered free EHR's, encouraging continued flow of lab tests to them, and have at times been a great value.  This, I hear, is subject to change, as the costs of maintaining these systems is high and Quest, for instance, is now charging for upgrades needed to become "Meaningful Use" compliant. 


Certain Billing companies similarly offer free EHR's, encouraging you to continue to use their billing services, and increasingly offering additional services that include practice analysis, coordination with laboratories, and so on. More on these soon. 


In the future, I plan to list some local vendors and a brief description and lists of users that you may contact.


MEDAZ: affords you a free fully functional EHR and practice management suite when you sign up for their medical billing service:


"All the software you need for complete medical practice information management is FREE when you use our comprehensive billing service.”

MedAZ.Net, LLC

37 Station Drive, Suite 1 E

Princeton Junction, NJ 08550

(888) 633 2972

(609) 716 6991

 EHRs in the Area:


EHR only

Practice Management Only

EHR and Practice Management

Enterprise Solution Connects You to Other Practices



Partnering With EnglewoodHospital

Practice Partner, by McKesson

Enterprise Solution Connects You to Other Practices



Partnering With Valley Hospital

eClinicalWorks EMR

Billing Service



MedAZ Net, LLC
37 Station Drive, Suite 1 E
Princeton Junction, NJ08550
(888) 633 2972
(609) 716 6991

Internet Ad Resource for EHRs:

KLAS Top 20 EMR Software Reports

  • 2011 Top 20 EMR Software Ranking from industry leading evaluator

  • KLAS conducts over 1,900 healthcare provider interviews per month, working with over 4,500 hospitals and over 3,00 doctor's offices and clinics

  • KLAS is independently owned and operated

  • KLAS has ratings on over 250 healthcare technology vendors and over 900 products and services

  • KLAS publisheds approximately 40 performances and perception reports per year

  • KLAS is headquartered in Orem, Utah, with independent researchers working thoughtout North America

KLAS Research

Top 10 EMR Software Report
2011 Top 10 EMR Software Ranking Downloard Free EMR Vender Research

Electronic Medial Record
Select the EMR That Fits Your Specialty Needs

Entrust Healthcare IT Consultants
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Practice Fusion Free EMR
Online Electronic Medical Records. Free and Secure

Medgen Free Web Based EHR
Totally Free Credited EHR Solution Easy to Use

Medapp Free Web Based EMR
Medapp EMR with One-Click Billing Register for Instant Access Now

EMR Currently Available at Valley Hospital Under Special Contact
eClinicalWorks EMR
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Unicharts Full-Featured EMR - $850
One-Time Expense. Comprehensive Yet Easy Electronic Medical Records

Kareo Medical Billing Software
Demo Our Medical BillingSolfware, $69/Month, Web Based & User Friendly

Penn Foster Medical Transcriptionsist
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Hospital System Locates Doctor. Once Imput, System Finds Doctor on Call

Practice Management in Beta:


ACUC 2011 Has Sold Out:

We are planning on filming the conference and hope to post various educational sessions as soon as possible.

V6 Status:

V6, our ONC-ATCB certified Meaningful Use version, is in the final stages of beta testing. The reason we can't provide a specific date is due to our conservative process of beta testing. 

As beta testing proceeds, fewer and fewer issues are discovered - and most of these are not considered to be "show-stopper" bugs - the ones that are significant enough to require us to make programming changes and then re-release an updated build with the fix. All reported issues generated from our beta testers are reviewed each morning at our daily triage meeting where we decide if an issue is a "show-stopper."

Once there are no show-stopper issues identified for at least two full weeks (while being used by more than 100 unique practices), we consider beta testing complete and move that specific build to official release status.

We are now starting the two week count-down, and assuming no show-stoppers are identified, we anticipate release in the next few weeks.

Existing users who have our Guardian Angel Support & Maintenance may use the beta version, as long as they are aware that additional issues may be discovered and that new builds may still be required on a frequent basis. If you don't mind updating your system as any new builds are released, and want V6 now so you can begin your 90 days of using a Meaningful Use system - let us know here.

Practice Management Status: We have a team of developers working on the Practice Management (PM) module of Amazing Charts (tentatively called V7). This will be demonstrated at ACUC 2011. It is expected that PM will enter beta testing sometime in Q3 2011.

Our PM will include the ability to check eligibility and connect with one or more clearinghouses to transmit 837s and receive 835s - plus all the other aspects required of a complete billing/practice management program. Although there will be no additional cost for the software, use of one of our thoroughly integrated clearinghouse partners is expected to be less than $150 per provider.


Jonathan Bertman, MD, FAAFP