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Diabetes Management

Diabetes is a worldwide epidemic with at times extreme consequences, and the proper lifestyle and monitoring along with expert care can make all the difference between managing it and suffering with it.

Fit2Me is an online type 2 diabetes support program built around you. Log onto to see how you can customize your preferences to help you manage your diabetes in four different ways. 

MY FOOD: This feature provides a catalog of healthy recipes that you can filter based on your likes and dislikes. Don't like spicy food? No problem! Hate spending hours cooking? Find quick and easy recipes! Choose the types of food you like and save recipes in your recipe box. There are over 10,000 diabetes friendly recipes to choose from as well as advice on how to eat healthy when dining out. 

MY ACTIVITY: This section of the site can help you create and track an exercise regimen that works for you. Fit2Me will suggest some activities that could work for you based on your preferences. 

MY TREATMENT SUPPORT: This feature helps you keep track of doctor's appointments. It can give you reminders for upcoming appointments and suggest talking points and questions you may want to ask your doctor. 

MY PLAN TEAM: You can choose from an array or digital coaches that match your personality and help you stay motivated. Your coach will guide you through the program and help you select your preferences. 

Make sure to visit to start a support program customized to you!