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Medicare Annual Wellness Visit

When researching the requirements to perform Medicare's Annual Wellness Visit for his Medicare patients, Dr. Biener realized the need for extensive documentation and of physical and cognitive testing. He needed an organized way to keep track of the visits and documentation that was clear and easy to understand while maintaining compliance. After much research and many drafts, he and his staff and students completed the version of the form that he uses today.

The first three pages of the packet contains a patient questionnaire that is broken down into three columns so that it can be used for the Welcome to Medicare Visit, Initial Annual Wellness Visit, and Subsequent Annual Wellness Visit. This makes it easy for the doctor to track changes in his patients. The questionnaire covers various areas including physical function, ability to perform activities of daily living, fall risk assessment, and depression screening. The packet also contains physical and cognitive assessments including hearing and vision tests, a nutritional assessment, and a clock drawing test. There are three copies of each test that are dated at the time of the visit, one set for the Welcome to Medicare Visit, the Initial Wellness Visit, and the Subsequent Wellness Visit.

The end of each packet contains a Personalized Prevention Plan of Service that lists services offered by Medicare as well as local community and online resources that Dr. Biener recommends to his patients. The doctor will check off the items he wishes the patient to consider and sends them home with a copy of the checklist.